Our Mining company ( Dixie Euhedrals )  has worked in many states
, digging a variety of gems, crystals and mineral specimens (
including agate ) .

Our operations have been featured on the Travel Channel and
people often visit our website for information after viewing the
Georgia Amethyst episode on the  Cash and Treasure's show with
Becky Worley or the Georgia Star Rose Quartz episode on Kirsten
Gum, Treasure Hunter.
Shown below are photographs from our many operations ( both
past and current)  such as Jackson's Crossroads Amethyst,  Hogg
mine , etc.       We offer a chance for you to come dig for  amethyst
in Georgia.  To see what we currently offer and to come dig for
crystals with us, click the NEWS button above.

We have lots of minerals, crystals, fossils,agate , guide books and
tools for sale, with an outlet in Jackson, Georgia and The Mineral
Gallery rock shop  just South of Atlanta in McDonough, Ga .  Just
click the " ROCK SHOP" button above to check them out !
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GEORGIA AMETHYST & Other locations

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Click here for info on the Georgia Rock shop : The Mineral Gallery in Mcdonough, Georgia. Just South of Atlanta
we have rocks, crystals, minerals, and fossils for sale in our rock shop just South of Atlanta, Georgia
Amethyst Dig January  to be announced
Be sure to check out our Georgia Rock Shop pages (see top of
page) for all sorts of rocks, crystals and fossils for sale.  Our Rock
Shop just South of Atlanta, Georgia has every type of rock, crystal,
mineral or fossil that you can Name.  Yes, we have it all, including
facet rough and even Metaphysical and Reiki Supplies!