Photos of specimens I got in Namibia while on a
Mineral Safari .
Enhydro amethyst with Prehnite
Goboboseb Mtns
Brandberg Region  , Namibia
Amethyst on Feldspar crystal matrix
Aquamarine & fluorite
(aqua has micro tourmaline needles)
Erongo Range
Beryl v aquamarine crystal with fluorite , from Erongo Range , Namibia
A very unusual combination of minerals from the Erongo Range , Namibia
aquamarine crystal has micro tourmaline needle inclusions !
prehnite crystals over an enhydro quartz crystal from Brandberg
Amethyst crystals on a feldspar crystal cluster matrix , Brandberg , Namibia
Aquamarine from the Erongo Range
Topaz from klein Spitzkoppie
Brandberg amethyst
Would you like a chance to go on a
Mineral Safari and buy crystals like the
ones on this page ? The next one is
scheduled for April 2010.
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Fluorite crystal photos from the
Okoruso Fluorite mine.  Note that
the interior is a green color with
purple corner phantoms in the
interior of the crystals.  Also note
the inclusions .
okoruso flourite crystal photo by Rodney Moore