Georgia Rockshop & Mineral Gallery :
Shop for gems and crystals
just South of Atlanta, Georgia!
We operate several  mining sites in
addition to having stock from old ventures
& offer crystals "mine direct" .
We also know first-hand lots of local and
regional USA miners , and obtain material
from them through trades or purchase .
We also travel to Africa to the BRANDBERG
MINING CAMP to bring back amethyst.
facet rough and gem crystals from Jackson's crossroads
Turtle Carved from Paint Rock Agate
Minerals of every kind  as well as
cabbing rough & slabs , agate such as
Alabama Paint Rock agate ,  and
Texas agate from Woodward Ranch in
Alpine .

We have a warehouse stocked with
Jackson's Crossroads Amethyst in
single gem crystals , clusters , and
matrix pieces .

We have carved animals that we had
custom carved out of our material ( and
even dice too  ) .

We have all sorts of fossils such as
ammonites & shark teeth . Carved
eggs and spheres too !

Crystals of every description , including
a huge supply of Minerals from
Namibia , such as Brandberg Amethyst
and Erongo Range tourmaline and

NEW !  We just got in a truck load of agate slabs !
Fossil Ammonites
Brandberg Fenster Amethyst
Arkansas quartz crystals
Jackson's Crossroads Amethyst ( faceted )
Amethyst facet rough for sale
We have a ROCK SHOP in McDonough , Ga. The Mineral
Gallery inside the Peachtree Antique Center is open every
day but wednesday!     This is  just 20 miles South Of Atlanta,
Georgia on I-75  exit 221 under the big flag  & behind Sam's
Club. 155 Mill Road  McDonough, Georgia.
We have pretty much anything you can imagine at wholesale
prices.   For info on our Rock Shop
We operate several mines and we're able to give the best prices !
graves mountain rutile
Georgia amethyst
woodward ranch plume agate : Alpine , Texas
Same gun as used by professional mineral dealers to clean their specimens !
We also  have the
high pressure
mineral cleaning guns
for sale !
Below are some T-shirt's , books , and back issues that we have for
sale at the Jackson location .   
minerals T-shirt , this is the Front
back side of the minerals T-shirt
JXR T-SHIRT designed for us by Fred Wilda
graves mountain back issue . A must have !
gem guide books , one for your state !
We carry the  Treasure Hunter
Gem & Mineral Guide books for
Southeastern,NE,NW, SW states
Do you have crystals or agate on your
property ?   Or maybe just know of a
good place you'd like to take a
backhoe to ?

We can help !   
Carnelian guitar pick carved from Paint Rock Agate
We sell unique  custom made agate  guitar picks . We
also have petrified wood and rose quartz stone guitar
picks ! Just click the Kentucky agate guitar pick below
to check them out !
Fossil Ammonite & Orthoceras
for sale
Orthoceras fossils for sale
ammonite fossils for sale
Dice carved from gemstone material such as paint rock agate
We have gemstone dice for sale that has
been carved from a variety of rock and fossil
material such as carnelian and Texas
petrified wood.
Quartz scepters from
Utah, China & Namibia
Amethyst scepter from Utah
quartz scepter from China with heavy inclusions
Klein Spitskoppe Topaz Crystal
Klein Spitskoppe TOPAZ
otudus obiquus fossil shark tooth $8
Fossil shark teeth for sale
copper nugget michigan
Michigan copper nuggets
for sale !
Jackson's Crossroads Amethyst crystals for sale here
Jackson's Crossroads Amethyst crystals for
sale at reasonable prices!
Yes, we have that good Georgia Blue
Amethyst crystals !
wholesale buckets of lapidary rough
Arizona petrified wood, and obsidian.
The obsidian is perfect for flint knapping!
Rainbow obsidian perfect for flint knapping
Georgia Rock Shop just South of Atlanta
Below is Arizona Rainbow petrified  wood
that has been carved into stone guitar picks
Turritella Agate guitar pick
Check back often to see the latest stone guitar picks
cut from various gemstone, agate and other lapidary
We buy rocks!  We buy rocks, crystals,
fossils, estates and collections!  Just
email me from the contact page or text
me at 404-975-8005.
Three great rock shops to serve you!
See even more pictures of our shop at the
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