Dig for Amethyst Crystals:Warrenton, Georgia. Saturday,
ecember 03, 2016  This is on the Cedar Ridge farm near Ivy Farm.  There is amethyst
crystals , Quartz crystals and amethyst scepters. Some of the crystals are shiny and almost all of
the crystal have a good to flawless interior.  There is some light to medium facetable material
here.    If you need to email me
(please dont email with questions about digging
dates because this page has any information about dates that I can
$45 per person to go thru the tailings piles as the machine brings them up.
This doesn't include digging in the hole on this dig but i might be able to let
people depending on how things go.  You get to keep what you find. Please
bring a release form:
Go to the main DIG FOR CRYSTALS site   
Check out our other
Cedar Ridge Farms (this dig is a mile into the property)
Amethyst location:
Warrenton, Georgia.
"Located a stones throw from our old Ivey Farm  
amethyst mine and much better quality"
November 28, 2016  8:00 pm
Cedar Ridge
Please print out this release form and fill out and bring with you:
Meeting time & place: 10:00 a.m.
32 Thomson Hwy, Warrenton, GA 30828

if you get there late, you will be out of luck as we will be
gone. We really mean this.
GREAT BREAKFAST at this Chevron!!!!
An amethyst crystal recently found in Warrenton Georgia
amethyst crystal at the machine dig
Everyone finds crystals that the amethyst crystal dig that is about 50 miles from jacksons crossroads
A visitor is shown with an amethyst crystal she found at our crystal dig place
Where to stay: We DO NOT
recommend staying in Warrenton.
The White Columns Inn in Thomson
is the best place to stay ( 17 miles
away and good places to eat).  Don't
stay at the Scottish Inn!
Click here for list of things to bring to the amethyst crystal dig.
Rodney Moore digging amethyst crystals with his backhoe
The photographs on this page show
amethyst crystals that are being dug in
Warrenton, Georgia   by visitors and
are being helped by Rodney Moore
using his backhoe.
Here are the latest finds from the farm. Each new area that we dig at yields a different kind of
habit.  We found a few scepters last time.  The 8 pictures below were taken October 21 & 25, 2014
This amethyst scepter was found in Warrenton, Georgia by Nathan Robey