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Amethyst pages
Texas Agates Tumble
Recent Digs:
Newer Jackson's Crossroads
Amethyst  Pages :
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Various photo pages for
our minerals.
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Click here for Tucson Gem Show report for 2011
Rock Show at Mountain Mushroom Festival
amethyst & aquamarine photo page
Green phantom arkansas quartz crystal info page
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gem stone guitar picks custom made and sold
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arkansas page
Click here for Fat Jack mine info
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Everyone finds crystals that the amethyst crystal dig that is about 50 miles from jacksons crossroads
Product reviews:
Archived Lagrange Quartz mine page
Archived Lagrange Quartz
mine page
Eclipse at Ga. Guidestones
Click the banner below that has examples of Stone Guitar Picks that
are carved from Walker Ranch Agate on it to check it out:
Updated 01-21-2020
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Click here for info on the Georgia Rock shop : The Mineral Gallery in Mcdonough, Georgia. Just South of Atlanta
New!  Above is the photos of the 2018 lunar eclipse. Since it is a part
of and on the "Tucson 2018 Trip" pages it might be hard for people
(including me) to remember where they saw them at, I've placed a
photo link to them here on the site map.

Also new is the Rock Shop Navigation Bar with renovated and also
brand new pages. You can find this new NAV BAR on all 4 of the Rock
Shop Pages.  The newest page is page 4 and you can click on the star
rose quartz egg below to get whisked away to it.  Once there, be sure
to check out the newly rebuilt Rock Shop Page 1!  The two pages are
loaded with brand new photos of rocks , crystals, spheres and
carvings! We are always adding things to our Rock Shop in
McDonough so the pages grew and grew!
The new nav bar will lead the way to them.
Link below goes to the 2018 Tucson Show pages.
Link below goes to a tumbling tutorial
that I am working on: