Wondering where to stay when digging  that good Georgia
amethyst at Jackson's Crossroads? Here are your options:
Ya gotta eat, right ?  Elberton has a good old Mexican restaurant!
LA Fogata
(706) 283-4236    204 Elbert St, Elberton, GA30635

The newer Mexican place (Mi Casa) was good the first night but inedible on the
second night , and this coming from a person that had worked hard all day without
lunch.  Real dissapointing so I started back eating at the old restaurant.
,Aside from the Cheap clean Days Inn with rewards points, the main reason I prefer
Elberton is the great Mexican restaurant!
For fast food there is the  Dairy Queen, Mcdonalds and the Huddle house.     
Okay! Okay!   
Granite City Rocks!

But what about Washington?
The Jackson's Crossroads area is roughly between Tignall and Rayle in Wilkes County. It is equidistant from the two townships but the area has
a Tignall mailing address.   The nearest town is Washington but is still 15 miles away. Lately I have been driving to Elberton ( GRANITE CITY )
to stay overnight .   Elberton, Georgia  is 25 miles away and will take you an extra ten minutes of driving.  It is worth it!  There are quite a few
good cheap hotels in Elberton.  The  Day-night is usually $50 after taxes and it decent and reasonably clean : Daynite Inn 925 Elbert St,
Elberton, GA 30635  (706) 283-4221 .     A bit nicer and  around $70 after tax : the Days inn  (
click here to book ) The days inn has a pool
and is right next door to Mcdonalds.
We have free camping at the amethyst mine or you can check out the nearest campground that is 30 miles from the mine and not much
cheaper than the day-night :  
The nearest campground
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Elberton is Nicknamed " Granite City"
and has a spooky Museum.  It has a
strange obelisk that is a site to
Nearby are also the " Georgia Guidestones"
Read about them
HERE .  
Washington has a Jameson Inn.   While it is reasonably
clean it usually has a REALLY strong carpet-cleaner odor.
It is also $85 a night or more once you include taxes.
In the past I have stayed there a lot and spent a lot of
money there ( staying weeks at a time when I was mining
full time ) and also used to recommend the diggers to
stay there.
Given the  Jameson's high rates and unwillingness
to give a group rate to our mine visitors, we do not
recommend them.  We mention the area hotel as a
service to our mine visitors but this should not be
considered an endorsement.

There is a Huddle House adjacent to the Jameson Inn.
I have eaten there a bunch and the food is good.
Of course with me having to be at the digging area early
I have to eat early and this Huddle House is heavy on
the bleach mopping anytime before 8 am.   On the one
hand this is not a bad thing when you think about it , but
it's something I wouldnt mind avoiding.  
There's also a McDonald's in Washington and the people that work there are
nice folks.   The food is , well , it's McDonalds.

There is a pizza place there that is real spotty. Or maybe I should say sketchy.